Monday, 28 December 2015

Just In Time For The New Year

How are we approaching the end of 2015? This simply blowns my mind! But as the year comes to a close, we begin the task of setting our goals for the 2016!

I simply have one goal that if I can keep for the WHOLE year, I am winning. What is this, you may ask? TO BE ORGANIZED!

....And I am starting with the mess that is (or was) my makeup! 

I have the tendency to act like a hoarder with my makeup products - everything is too good to be thrown out. But I had to be cut throat and remove all the oldies (I'm talking about stuff I got in '09 - '12), lip glosses that would NEVER suit my complexion and the loners who just got forgotten about. During my clear out, I even came across products that I had never actually opened. What the heck am I doing with my life? TBD.

To organize the mountain of makeup left over, I ordered the Feibrand's Acrylic Makeup Organizer (£22.99), which has 20 compartments, varying in size. It's transparent so all of your products are easily seen and there is mesh padding to keep everything safe plus it keeps the casing clean. In addition, the handles on each drawer give such a vintage vibe to the piece. By accident, I made a little haven for myself in the corner of my room to get ready in the morning.

Since we're on the topic of organization; I thought I would go into a bit of a detail on how I organized this! This was so hard! Right at the top, I kept all my brushes, base and scuplting products - the first things I reach for when doing "my face". I didn't want to have to go searching for them. Next to that are my lip products and not so surprisingly, they are mostly neutral. Not really a dare devil with colors but I threw a couple in. In case, I felt a little adventurous.

Below, in the first two separate mini drawers, I have my cheek products. Most of them are used more during the spring/summer seasons. On a day-to-day basis, I mostly use the Makeup Revolution "Hot Spice" Blush Palette but that sadly doesn't fit in this organizer. Sad times! That sneaky The Balm Cosmetics Eye Primer made it's way into this section. Who knows how!

In the first big compartment lays my lip products. Everything from lip balms to lipsticks to lip pencils. I tried to be super OCD and line them up in categories but alas, I just chucked them in. Hopefully, some of these beautiful products will be used now that I can see them. 

In the final drawer, are all my single eyeshadows. Most of them have not been used....or unpackaged until today but they shall. Sidenote: my palettes are in a box below this ledge. They would need one of these bad boys to themselves. 

Guys, I'll keep you updated on the progress of my makeup organization journey but this is a great starting point. 

Do YOU have any New Year Resolutions? 


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