Saturday, 13 June 2015

REVIEW: Shoshana Bean - Back In London

Broadway’s most soulful leading lady made her grand return to London for three nights of sold out solo concerts from June 3rd - June 5th at The Hippodrome Casino.

Shoshana Bean is best known for flying (and belting) high eight times a week as Elphaba in Wicked. She replaced Idina Menzel in the iconic role. Before she was in the green spotlight, she originated the role of “Thumbs Up” Shelley in the Broadway production of Hairspray and sang to the heavens in the 2000 revival of Godspell – which was her theater debut in New York City.

Bean has made a name for herself and developed a following outside of the theater world with two full-length albums and a semi acoustic EP.

Following a sold out show two years ago, Bean came back better than ever, providing a true experience for her audience members.  She constructed a show that gave a taster of her whole songbook. From a Broadway medley of songs from Godspell, Hairspray and Wicked to a “Throwback” mashup that consisted of songs from her first album, Superhero to two of her most requested YouTube covers and a selection of songs off her new EP, Shadows to Light.

When she wasn't tearing up the stage with her vocals, she shared the stage with the talents discovered through her competition to find duet partners. What treats they were!  Also, what a great platform for aspiring artists. In addition, to make sure everyone left with what they came for, Bean did a request session; which got a little intense. This is where people from every corner of the venue shouted out songs they were dying to hear her sing. She did her best to fit as many snippets in the short time she had.

For the night owls, there was a Late Night "Sho" Show at 11 pm featuring the toast of West End. With performers such as: Jodie Jacobs, Emma Hatton, Rachel Tucker, Alison Jiear, Marcus Collins, Adrien Hansal, Eva Noblezada and Tyrone Huntley. The theme of the night was anything goes; Bean kept the audience on their toes with personal antidotes and humorous interactions with her guests. Speaking of those guests, they were all vocal powerhouses and appeared to be having the best time sharing that stage with her.

She had the audience captivated the moment she walked onto the stage in her vintage glamour ensembles. They howled, they clapped, they laughed, they cried, they sang her lyrics back to her and they *even* harmonised with her. Each night was an experience and each had its magical moments - like the saying goes, I guess you had to have been there. 

Edinburgh, it is now your turn tomorrow tonight! If you can't attend the concert, you can be there virtually through StageIt. Get them quick as there are only 18 tickets left!

Produced by Club11, you can find more information here.

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